That’s Dressage, Done and Dusted: Friday’s Social Media from Burghley

With just over 50 entries in this year’s field, it feels like the days have been a little shorter than what I’m accustomed to. I’m sure it doesn’t feel that way for the riders, but I’m kind of into it. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the 80+ entry fields, but the quality of riding I’ve seen so far this week has really left me with a good feeling, and while there were fewer combinations than perhaps we’re used to seeing at Burghley it felt like a celebration of quality over quantity. Just my two cents — either way, I’m just happy to have a Burghley to follow, period!

Enough of my yammering, though. You came here to rider-stalk on Instagram and, well, I’m here to help you out. Consider this your #FollowFriday advice!

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Evening stables at Burghley.

Posted by Jackie Potts Equestrian Services on Thursday, September 1, 2022

Beautiful Burghley house 🌟👌🙌
And a rare photo of Sarah and I not in breeches!

Posted by Rachelle Verma on Thursday, September 1, 2022