The Crazy Rantings of a Road Warrior


I live life like a gypsy most of the time.  Between horse shows and all of my teaching, I do A LOT of driving.  I feel like Wyatt (my awesome truck) and I are attached at the…er…butt.  Having driven up and down the East Coast (and once to Canada!), I have decided that there are a few rules that the other cars on the road need to follow.  We talk a lot about trailer safety, but no matter how safe we try to make things for our horses during trailering, a lot of their safety lies in the hands of other drivers.  There’s only so much you can do.  Here are my few rules:

1.  That space that I’m leaving between my big rig and the car in front of me is not meant for you to dodge into.

2.  Yes, I passed a car.  Please give me time to put on my blinker and move back into the right hand lane before you dodge into it to pass me.

3.  Just because I am a truck and trailer does not mean that I can’t go the speed limit or faster.  Please allow me over into the left lane so that I can pass the bus with its four ways on too.

4.  If I stop quickly, the front bumper of your BMW is going to be under my horse’s butt.  Please refrain from tailgating.

5.  Hanging out in my blind spot is not a good idea.  I am bigger.  I will win.

6.  Passing me and then getting in front of me going under the speed limit will force me to pass you again.  I do not enjoy playing leap frog on the highway.

7.  Pulling out in front of me because you think I’m going to go too slowly is just not cool.  Causing me to slam on my brakes and upsetting the horses causes me much distress.  You never know when I won’t be able to stop and the bumper of my Super Duty will be in your back seat.

8.  Yield on green for a left turn applies to everyone.  Trying to dart in front of the truck and trailer because you think I’m slow is not a wise decision.  Once again, you may find the front bumper of my Super Duty in your car.

9.  Beeping your horn and flipping me off because you made bad driving decisions just doesn’t intimidate me.

10.   If you are at a gas station with diesel pumps mixed in with the gas pumps, please try not to block the diesel if there are other places you can pump gas.  I will just end up blocking everything and causing a royal traffic jam.

These are just a few of my favorite rules.  Please try to be cautious when driving around rigs.  We are carrying precious cargo.

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