The Fork CIC3* and Advanced XC Preview

This is going to be brief because it’s late and I have an early morning.

(1) Corners, corners, corners, and corners.  Do you like corners?  The CIC3* division jumps 6 corners in the first 12 elements of their course, and the advanced isn’t much easier.  Because the technicality comes so fast so early, horses leaving the start box need to be really on their toes.  
like I said…corners
(2) After the corner mayhem, including the first water, the riders have an s-curve to the trakehner which caused several issues last year.  The key there is giving the horses enough time and energy to understand the question.  From there, it’s another water, a sunken road, an oxer to an angled chevron, two turning tables, and a long gallop up hill which will really tire the horses in the predicted 80 degree plus weather.
(3) When you get to the top of the hill, it’s really quite simple; just a straight downhill water ski approach to a roll top followed by the last water.
this picture doesn’t do the hill justice; it’s quite significantly downhill
(4) The final water is a big drop to a spooky duck (someone will stop at the duck) to a right handed corner on a funky angle, which you can see since the corner is just to the right of the duck’s head and the picture was taken straight to the A element.
quack quack
Enjoy the live scores tomorrow, I will get to watch most of the CIC3* and advanced and we will have a full report tomorrow afternoon.  Until then, enjoy Leslie’s posts tomorrow morning and go eventing.
Intermediate XC – 9:00 AM
CIC3* – 11:54 AM
Advanced – 1:53 PM
As a brief aside, I apologize for my event reports coming at odd times this weekend, and for the fact that they have contained so many typos.  It’s been a hectic couple of days to say the least, and I have had trouble finding time to write during the day.  We are very sensitive about trying to spread out our posts on EN so that each time you visit there is something new, but I’ve been bad about that the last two days.  Leslie and Visionaire have been very kind to proofread my posts whenever they get the chance, because I havn’t hab time too, ovbiously.  (ok, that was on purpose) For example, I just realized that those are geese, not ducks, but I’m too tired to go back and fix it.  quack quack
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