Video Break: The Hamburg Derby Makes Eventers Look Tame!

The Hamburg German Jumping and Dressage Derby is one of ten events that is part of the Global Champions Tour, a series of Grand Prix jumping competitions spanning eight months and nine countries across the globe. The entire circuit series is intense, but Hamburg stands out for its Sunday Jumper Derby – a tradition that has lasted eight two years and continues to gain in popularity due to its challenging course and enticing prize money. 

And Holy Cow, what a Derby! As an eventer, I like to believe that our horses are well-rounded athletes with the skills to adapt to any situation. But there’s adapting… and then there’s just plain craziness!
The 2011 Hamburg Derby took place at Reitstadion Klein Flottbek in May of this year, and thanks to Youtube, we can enjoy a little of its excitement today!

This is Marcel Ewen of Luxembourg, riding Orgueil Fontaine. Ewen ultimately placed third in the derby and won 12,500.00 euros (that’s about $16,730.30!).

How’d you like to do a drop like that?! And he didn’t even win! The Derby winner for 2011 was Germany’s own Andre Thieme, riding Nacorde. Thieme’s winning ride brought him 35,000.00 euros ( $46,844.00, wowza!). His video isn’t quite as fun to watch (partially because of the nonstop narration in a language I cannot speak), but he’s a truly amazing rider with a fantastic horse. He also recently won the Pzifer One Million Dollar Gran Prix in Saugerties, NY. They make it look too easy!

I don’t know about you guys, but riding Preliminary level is hard enough. I think I’d wet myself if I had to face some of these jumps. We’re better off Eventing!
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