The Lottery and the Horse Person

Are horse people better people because they know struggle? What would we be if not dead broke 99% of the time? Do we have more common sense because we know taking a jump without knowing what is on the other side can kill you? Are we more practical and cautious because we know everything can be so good and then end in heartbreak? Are we such optimists in that we know today it may rain but tomorrow the sun will rise?

Probably by now you have caved in and bought a few lottery tickets. What would you do if you won a substantial piece of the $1.5 billion? We all have our fantasies about if we were rich, but I have noticed a difference in comments made by horse people who own horses, muck stalls and have known what it is like to eat rice and beans in order to pay vet bills compared to “the others,” the unfortunate non-horse people.

Many of the horse people I know have said they would first go to the barn, shut down Facebook, get an attorney, take out enough for what they and their horse(s) need for a year and sit on the rest for a year or more. No romantic comments about donations and saving the world, family and friends. Just a cautious attitude about walking the course first and then deciding how to take the course.

So what would you do?