The Story of the Pinque Coat

Beth Perkins and Sal Dali

One nice story from the Bromont CCI3* that was lost during the competition is the story of Beth Perkins’ pinque coat.  If you don’t know, Beth earned her pinque coat riding for the US in the 1974 World Games.  She was just 18 years old placed 6th individually as the youngest member ever selected for the US Equestrian Team.  She also rode on the gold medal team in the 1975 Pan American Games, placing 5th individually.  One of Beth’s students and friends sent us the story of how the generosity of others led Beth to receive a new pinque coat.

As the story goes, one week before Bromont, Beth received a surprise new pinque coat laying on her bed, as the one from so many years ago had become old and no longer fit.  Beth’s friends, family, students, and supporters in the Tryon, NC area pooled their resources to buy Beth a new pinque coat that she wore proudly at Bromont. 

One of Beth’s owners, Annie Eldridge left a note in the coat which said the following: “This gift comes to you with the enthusiastic support of the USEF, and with love and thanks from all of us who have been so lucky as to have worked with you, and have built cherished friendships with you.

Congrats Beth on a good weekend at Bromont rocking the brand new pinque coat.  Go eventing.


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