The View from Colorado Presented by World Equestrian Brands

If you happen to be out for a hack, are riding in some obscure place, or just take some cool photos aboard your mount, send them to [email protected] including a quick blurb about this photo’s story and write “The View” as the title. Today’s mountainous view comes to us from Colorado.

From Jill Stranges:

This picture was taken after riding up a fairly steep and rocky butte that is only about a mile up the road from the farm where I board my horse in Larkspur, CO.
It is a view of Pikes Peak still covered with snow from all the spring storms we have been having lately here in colorful Colorado.
The ears in the picture belong to my horse Maverick who is more interested in trying to stop and eat the scrub oak bushes on the way to and from the top of the butte than the beautiful scenery.

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