The Word Around Rolex

Adding to the pressure of competing at the nation’s biggest event (and for some, a spot on the team!), competitors must indulge the media in daily press conferences.  Lucky for us, they are friendly and have plenty to say about the weather, the cross-country course, and their amazing horses.

William Fox-Pitt:

“Cool Mountain is a very talented horse on the flat…to produce his best test today, in this atmosphere, is a credit to him, but I think he’s got more in him.”

On Saturday’s test: “Last year the course was a bit tricker but there are plenty of chances to make mistakes.”

“If it rains it will be huge.”

Allison Springer:

“I’ve been working really hard to improve myself and my horse in all three phases, and I hope that this weekend we can really put it all together.”

“This is a place I’ve always dreamed to be.”

Press conference video from EventingUSA

Oliver Townend:

“The horses were about as good as they could be today, but it’s very tough competition we’re up against.”

Oli’s strategy for Saturday: “Go clear inside the time.”

Karen O’Connor:

“It takes a village…a lot of people went down that center line with me.”

On Mandiba and cross-country: “He feels confirmed.  His experience matches the questions tomorrow.”

Phillip Dutton:

[The Foreman] is obviously one of the best horses I’ve ever had…It’s a bonus having him here and I am enjoying it.”

Read what else the top riders had to say:

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