These Shetland Pony Racers at The Royal Are Today’s Cuteness Overload

Future eventing stars? Photo courtesy of Denya Massey. Future eventing stars? Photo courtesy of Denya Massey.

These Shetland pony riders make us wish we were back in our youthful days, racing hell-bent for leather for the glory at The Royal this weekend. Thanks to our weekend’s correspondent, Denya Massey, we’ve got video evidence that this is one of the best parts of the whole show.

What we really want to know, though, is where this guy was, who also has shown affinity for ponies in the past:

Photo by Jeff Beshear.

Photo by Jeff Beshear.

All cuteness gushing aside, we’re seriously impressed with how well these young riders handle the tight turns and traffic. Will that gutsy riding transfer over into some future eventing greatness? We can’t wait to find out!

Thanks to Denya for all of her support through the weekend, and thanks to The Royal for putting on a great indoor show for jumpers and eventers alike!

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