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Is your horse talkative? Photo by Tarik Mahmutovic/National Geographic Creative. Is your horse talkative? Photo by Tarik Mahmutovic/National Geographic Creative.

Does your horse like to “talk”? Not like Mr. Ed, of course — that would be downright ridiculous. But maybe he’s the kind of horse whose first move after stepping off of a trailer is to call out a greeting to all of the other horses in sight. Or maybe he always nickers a greeting when a familiar face approaches.

Some horses might make nary a peep, but others are just supremely vocal. I’ve got both types in my barn … and I’ve (affectionately) dubbed my boy Rufus as “Mr. Talkative.” It is not unusual for him to nicker at me when I’m making the short trek down to the barn. And when I have feed buckets in my arms? It’s Every. Single. Time.

But why do horses nicker? Head over to The Horse to check out an interesting commentary article on equine vocalizations and the “why” behind them. You can check out the article here.

And then check out some of the other interesting headlines from this week’s Horse Health News, presented by Absorbine.

Horses That Don’t Know They’re Old: Have a senior horse who doesn’t seem to know that they are older? Slowing down an older horse can be challenging, especially when they don’t seem to want to. Putting together an exercise plan for your senior horse that is designed to keep their body sound (with physical limitations in mind) and mind engaged is a good place to start. [The Horse]

Seasonal Pattern Found in Emerging Cause of Colic: British researchers have identified something known as idiopathic focal eosinophilic enteritis (IFEE), which is a seasonal pattern observed to be an emerging cause of equine colic. This particular condition involves obstruction of the small intestine and includes a visible circle of thick tissue around the affected area. [Horsetalk]

Beyond the Basics of Equine Dentistry: Is a full dental examination part of your horse’s annual checkup? If so, are you familiar with the equipment that your veterinarian or equine dentists uses? Learn more about what to expect at your next equine dental checkup. [The Horse]

Healthy Christmas Treat Recipes for Your Horse: Some of us are (a little) treat obsessed this time of the year. If you’re done baking human cookies for the season, why not try your hand at homemade horse treats? Check out some recipes for horse snacks! [Equimed]

Could Your Horse Have Gastric Ulcers? Stress can have an impact on horses, especially those in competition. Studies have shown that over 90 percent of performance horses and 60 percent of show horses do suffer from ulcers. Educate yourself on some of the risk factors and symptoms that indicate ulcers. [The Horse]

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