Christmas News & Notes from SmartPak

Wonderful artwork by our own Lindsey Kahn.

Wonderful artwork by our own Lindsey Kahn.

Merry merry merry Christmas everyone!!!! This year, while I managed to miss the mischief of the virtual office party for EN and HN, I did snag both Thanksgiving and Christmas News & Notes posts, which basically is the worlds smallest victory that nobody noticed except for me. If you’re reading this, congrats, you are the most die-hard Eventing Nation fan out there!

As the resident baker in my family, I’ll be spending all morning whipping up pies, specifically a chocolate mousse pecan pie and a key lime pie with gingersnap crust. My family does the customary late southern luncheon at 2 o’clock, followed by a long session of drinking wine and opening presents, while watching the smaller children go from sugar-enhanced hysteria to wrapping-covered exhaustion. May you also enjoy a day of delicious pies, flowing wine and company of friends and family!

News From Around The Globe:

Hairnets are now obligatory (thank Father Christmas for that one), but unjointed bits are illegal? If you’re going to do anything FEI related in 2015, you better check this out. The FEI is almost always a good source of bizarre decision making, and some of these I agree with, but others….well….let’s just say I wonder who came up with them. But seriously, thank goodness for hairnets. #putthatponytailaway #judgingyourmessyhair [2015 FEI Rule Changes]

Last minute Christmas cooking/baking panic? Check out my new favorite site for help (or maybe just a little food porn). [The FeedFeed]

Just in time for Christmas: Hannah Sue Burnett’s new website! Beautifully designed and produced by our friends at Athletux, Hannah Sue’s website is slick as all get out. Check it out! [HSB Eventing]

Looking for a horsey way to recover from all that pie? I say hunting in a festive manner, mucking some stalls to work off some of that baked ham, or just embrace it an snuggle down with a good book while watching the horses out of your living room window. [H&H]

The Stables At Midnight: A Christmas Story

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