Throwback Thursday Presented by Ice Horse: And the Horse Is…

Katie Frei and Houdini.  Photo by  Katie Frei and Houdini. Photo by

We didn’t think you’d have too much trouble with this week’s foal photos! This horse certainly sets himself apart, not only by being a rockstar four-star horse, but also by having some pretty spectacular face markings! Katie, you’ve got yourself a special one!


This week’s mystery horse is none other than Katie Frei’s Houdini! Thanks once again to the Thoroughbred Incentive Program for allowing us to use their vintage photos of such awesome horses.

Guess that face!

We can’t even handle the cute.

Thanks for playing!

Classic pics are priceless, but today’s innovations make it so much easier to keep our horses feeling and performing their best. They may be black and white, but Ice Horse’s line of products deliver a full spectrum of cold therapy. Check out the Ice Horse Evendura ice compression wraps, the Big Black Boot for concentrated hoof cooling and Ice Horse continuous cooling machines.

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