Throwback Thursday Presented By Ice Horse: And the Riders Are…

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! Each Thursday, we will be bringing you some vintage eventing photos and posts. Do you want to show us your first horse or a photo of your early riding days? Email [email protected].

Who do you recognize? Who do you recognize?

I’ve been spending the day thinking about storylines for the teen movie that appears to be pictured in our throwback photo today. Is there a love connection going on? More than one? Since all of them were Young Riders, perhaps there is a “horse show mom” story brewing behind the scenes. All I know for sure is that this would likely have been a huge hit and a teen classic!

Did you guess any of the pictured faces? I worked with Laine Ashker to identify the riders, and while there was one we are still trying to confirm, their identities are as follows:

From left to right:

Tara Ziegler

Rebecca Simmons

Emilee Libby (still pending confirmation!)

Will Coleman

Skyler Icke

Jennifer Libby

Ginny Bryson

Jessica Oxendine (in front of the truck)

Laine Ashker

Laine said she officially feels old after seeing this photo again (she was 16 in the photo), but it’s always great to take a walk down memory lane! More than a few of these riders are now household names in the eventing world, so this photo is also inspiring in its own right.

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