Throwback Thursday Video from Nupafeed: 1995 Groton House Farm

Many things have changed over the past 23 years, but one thing that has remained consistent — since 1978, in fact — is eventing in June at Groton House Farm in Hamilton, Massachusetts.

No doubt there have still been changes over the 40 year history of the GHF Horse Trials: The event began by running Novice through Preliminary levels over one weekend, to eventually including Intermediate and Advanced levels in the mid-’80s and hosting upwards of 600 competitors over two weekends, before returning to holding just one weekend of competition for Novice though Intermediate/Preliminary competitors in 2009. Over all the years of competition, the lovely organizers of the GHF Horse Trials have welcomed spectators and competitors for the traditional three-days of exciting competition.

Take a trip back to the ’90s glory-days of eventing, big helmet cover bows and all, with this throwback video from RNS Videomedia (which at the time was known as Captain Edgar’s Videoworks!) And yes, that’s one more thing that hasn’t changed over 23 years — RNS will be filming there again this weekend!