#ThrowbackThursday Video from FLAIR: 2019 Great Meadow International Rewind

As we ramp up this year’s exciting MARS Great Meadow International, we thought it would be fun to take a look back on last year’s running. YouTube creator Emma compiled this montage from the CCI3*S and CCI4*S cross country last year.

The 2019 Great Meadow International saw big wins from Lynn Symansky (Under Suspection, CCI4*S) and Phillip Dutton (Fernhill Pick Pocket, CCI4*S). The high pressure circumstance of running cross country on the final day in reverse order always makes for some exciting finishes, and last year’s class certainly disappoint.

Who will take home the big win this weekend? Check out Maggie’s By the Numbers analysis here and then stay tuned for much more from #MARSGMI!

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