Thursday News & Notes

Our hearts go out to our friends in Texas this week as they battle deadly winter storms that have left millions without power. Managing a farm is difficult enough when the temps dip this low, but in a state with systems not built to withstand storms of this duration, making do for humans and horses has been dangerous. With even more snow on the horizon for many, keep the people of Texas in your thoughts.

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Holland Eventing at Holly Berry Farm YEH: Website

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Rocking Horse Winter II Advanced H.T.: WebsiteEntry StatusRide TimesVolunteer

Thursday Reading List:

One in six women in the U.S. are sexual assault victims, and those statistics exist even within the walls of our sport. As this author says, that part of their lives doesn’t “disappear” when they put breeches on. I have been proud to see many in our sport step forward to offer words of support when our fellow equestrians speak out, and though it may feel like a small gesture, solidarity can go a long way. [Opinion: When You Speak Out Against Toxic Horse World Behavior, You’re Helping More Than You Know]

We’re looking forward to our first extra “perk” for EN Patrons: a live Q&A with Sarah Carlan, MSW tackling the topic of mental wellness as it pertains to our riding. It’s not too late to sign up to become a Patron; upon sign-up, you’ll receive an invite to our private Facebook group just for Patrons and will have access to the Q&A at 6 p.m. EST this evening. The video will also be made available to Patrons after conclusion. Learn more about EN’s brand-new Patreon here.

The flying change is often the stickiest part of an upper level dressage test. There are a few key elements of your training that must be in place before moving onto teaching flying changes to ensure success. [Checklist: Is Your Dressage Horse Ready To Learn Flying Changes?]

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Thursday Video: Look ma no hands