Thursday News & Notes from Ecovet

#neverforget Tim Price’s dance moves at Badminton 2019. Photo by Tilly Berendt.

We’re all missing Badminton this year, and it feels quite odd to not have another week of five-star madness right after Kentucky. However, we will always have this photo of Tim Price heroically stopping Izzy Taylor’s Springpower from making a run for it during the jogs of 2019. Hopefully the horses at Jersey Fresh were more well behaved and mild than this.

U.S. Weekend Preview:

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News From Around the Globe:

She does her intermediates like a scope-less yak. He tries hard, but is built like a wheelbarrow. I do torture myself a lot. What’s the theme of all these statements?? Quotes from Badmintons past, of course! Read more hilarious and memorable quotes about horses and riders who have all done quite well at the lauded event, despite riding yaks. [Ridiculous Badminton Quotes]

Settle down for your weekend of action from Jersey Fresh, and get up to date with some of these fast facts about the entrants. As the CCI4*-L is the final selection trial for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the stakes couldn’t be higher for some. [Jersey Fresh Fast Facts]

Keep an eye on Alyssa Phillips and Oskar this weekend in their CCI4*-L debut. You may recognize the name as the pair won the inaugural Kentucky CCI4*-S just a few short weeks ago, but Alyssa also coming off an incredible winning streak this spring on multiple horses. Training with Jennie Brannigan has brought the one-time barrel racer’s eventing game to the next level, and she’s got her eyes on big things for the future. [Five Minutes with Alyssa Phillips]

Are you as strong as your horse? Obviously not. So why are many of us training our horses to be accustomed to so much force? A well-trained horse will move away from the leg, either forward or laterally, whichever is asked for, without exhausting the rider. If your horse will move away only from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s leg or the equivalent, then he needs to be trained. Read more on how to better educate your horse to your aids here.

Applying Ecovet isn’t like spraying any other fly spray, there’s a special technique to it: