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Pony with child! Photo by Erica Stevens.

Pony with child! Photo by Erica Stevens.

Yesterday I got to live out every little girls dream, only on the other side of the equation. I work for an organization that gives professional training to unwanted horses, and adopts them out with skills and experience in order to succeed in a new life, and yesterday we found the perfect home for one of my favorites, a mare named Chai Tea.

Chai claimed a young girl as her own, and we brought her early yesterday morning to her barn in a collaborative surprise with her mom and her trainer. I googled how to make a bow on YouTube and crafted a giant sparkly red neck ribbon for the mare, and we tucked her away in the stall for the girl’s arrival. Chai is her first pony, and the look on her face was priceless! So much fun to bring pony happiness to others!

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U.S. Weekend Preview:

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Midsouth CCI & H.T. [Website] [Ride Times]

News From Around the Globe:

Judith McSwain’s beautiful grey mare Fleecework’s Royal is competing at Le Lion, and Judith is blogging about the whole experience! From West Coast 4 & 5 year old champion young horse all the way to France, the journey with Rory has been nothing if not exciting and exhilarating. With Tamie Smith at the helm, the mare finished 14th this spring at Jersey CCI2* in preparation for Le Lion, the biggest test she’ll see yet. [The Race to Le Lion]

Ever had to take a break from riding because “real life” got in the way? Adult amateur contributor to Horse Nation Meagan DeLisle outlines the perfect “how to” route to get back in the tack based on her own (entertaining) experience. [How To Bake a Humble Pie: An Adult Amateur’s Return to the Saddle]

I think we can go ahead and say that team chasing is a major reason why the Brits kick our butt. How come we don’t have a sport in the US like this?? Oh right. We like safety and liability waivers. But Horse & Hound has gathered together a bunch of photos from team chasing that will make you either insanely jealous or possibly a bit queasy, you decide. [Hold On Tight!]

Have you ever been curious about all the high tech equine rehab therapies offered today? From hyperbaric chambers to ceramic blankets, how do all the different therapies work to help your horse recover from an injury or just feel better after a workout? The Horse has your answers. [Equine Rehab Therapies]

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