Thursday News & Notes from Kentucky Equine Research

Ow owwww!! Pro groom Lauren Sherrill looking like one hot lady at the trot-ups at Midsouth Classic Three Day. Photo courtesy of Lainey Ashker.

Ow owwww!! Pro groom Lauren Sherrill looking like one hot lady at the trot-ups at Midsouth Classic Three Day. Photo courtesy of Lainey Ashker.

This weekend is jam packed with action all over the place! We’ve now begun recovering from Fair Hill, only to have several three day events happening all at once. Midsouth is offering their many leveled classic three day event, as well as Waredaca (where I am!). That, and we have Pau CCI4* happening in the south of France. It’s just all too amazing. I’ll be blogging from Waredaca, and Wylie will be in France (that lucky…!) covering the big event for you, so strap in!

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Waredaca H.T. & Classic Three Day [Website] [Entry Status] [Live Scores]

Windermere Farm H.T.  [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times]

Holly Hill Farm H.T.  [Website] [Entry Status]

Hagyard Midsouth CCI, Classic Three Day, & H.T.  [Website] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

News From Around The Globe:

Can Michael Jung take home the top prize at Pau? Honestly, I feel silly even posing this question. Like, duh! He’s bringing the brilliant fischerRocana, who had an uncharacteristic fall at Burghley early on in the course. Michael seems like he’s fully recovered from his busted leg, or at least enough to tackle another four star, anyway. The best he’s done at Pau was third place in 2012, but I have a funny feeling that 2015 is kinda his year. [Jung Takes on Pau]

Tik Maynard took advantage of Back To The Future Day yesterday by writing a letter to himself. On the eve of the Thoroughbred Makeover competition with Remarkable 54, Tik finds himself wondering what he would say to himself ten years down the line. Will he still have Remarkable? Will he and Sinead have children? What will 2025 hold? [A Letter to Myself]

The Chronicle’s very own quadriped correspondent, Jitterbug, has allowed her human to begin blogging. Jitterbug has been entertaining us for years with her, er, unique viewpoint on life and our world, but now she’s letting Natalie Voss have her own say. Natalie really strikes a chord with many of us as she writes about her over analytical mind, and the worries that she might never be able to ride the mare properly. [Amateurs Like Us: The Reset Button]

Got grey horses? Then you’re well acquainted with the pain that is keeping those suckers clean. Horse & Hound knows that we secretly love to sit at our computers and groan with sympathy and agony at pictures of grey horses gone straight to the mud in the paddock. [Here Comes The Mud]

Best of Blogs: The Highs And Lows


KER ClockIt Sport Session of the Week:

Shannon Riley runs Infinity Sport Horse, a private farm focusing on eventing lessons and sales. She’s using KER ClockIt Sport to guide her conditioning program while preparing to run a Prelim 3-day with “Busy,” an 8-year-old Clydesdale/Hanoverian/TB mare.

“It’s been hugely influential with such a big mare (being half draft) to monitor our fitness level, how quickly her heart rate rises and how quickly she recovers after each set,” Shannon said. “It’s also allowed me to keep an eye on where her heart rate is so I know I can push her to peak range for optimal fitness in our gallops! To be doing such hard work on such big legs can be taxing, and I want to make sure her workouts are optimized for best results!” Get started with KER ClockIt Sport.