Thursday News & Notes from SmartPak

Bless you, Will Faudree photoshop committee.

Bless you, Will Faudree photoshop committee.

Only three days until Christmas, and most importantly, today is the last day to get something on Amazon Prime in time for Sunday. You know who you are, Christmas procrastinators, and I used to be one of you. This year was the first of my fully formed “adulting” in this category, as I intentionally saved gift ideas for friends all year long, just like my Grandma has been telling me to for the past 28 years. So when November rolled around, I wasn’t desperately asking leading questions to find out what they desired (and what I could afford), but instead had sneaky ideas lodged in the back of my brain. Listen up, Grandma knows what’s best, because this has been the least stressful last week before Christmas of my life.

News From Around the Globe:

The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) has named 10 event riders athletes who have been selected for the UK Sport National Lottery funded World Class Podium Potential Programme for the next two years. With one of the best rider development programs in the world, being named to this list is a huge honor and a great way to advance one’s career as an event rider. Athletes will receive support through world class coaching, human and equine sports science and medicine, nutrition and sports psychology. The recipients are: Bert Bolton, Rosalind Canter, Genevieve Clarke, Sam Ecroyd, William Furlong, Tom Jackson, Tom McEwan, Imogen Murray, Sarah Parkes and Francesca Reid-Warrilow. [BEF Names Riders to Potential Podium Program]

Why do we feel the need to dress our horses in Santa outfits? The world may never know, but it continues to feel funny and festive and good, so we keep doing it. I literally did a full barn santa hat photo shoot this past week, and I’m not even a little ashamed. Turns out, folks in the UK also think this is hilarious fun. [Is That Santa, or a Horse?]

Is your property winter chore efficient? In any location that experiences winter weather, the design focuses around how to function when its horrible and cold and frozen and wet and muddy etc. There are ways you can prepare and make your life easier for the coming months, including putting some footing down at gates to paddocks, removing your muck piles before they build up too high, and forming plans for ice storms. [Winter Chore Efficiency Guide]

Best of Blogs: Amateurs Like Us: Realignments and Reawakenings

An excellent way to learn about your horse’s personality, or even just horse behavior in general, is to sit down and watch the herd. Observing your herd dynamics and social structure can tell you a lot about individual horses, and also give you hints as to how horses communicate with the world. But where do you start? Susan McDonnell gives a great guide to getting the most out of your observation sessions. [Watching The Herd]