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An old man teaching a young whippersnapper. Photo by Kate Samuels.

Yesterday I used my most experienced 19-year-old champion, Nyls, to help me teach a young gelding about adventures. I’m so lucky to have literally thousands of acres to use for my hacking, and rivers, dirt roads, cows, people on bikes, dogs, and all sorts of other stuff for them to learn about. A great way to get going with that is ponying, so after a few lessons on ground work with a rope halter, off we went! I took them across the river and around one very large field, and the baby horse had his mind blown, but was very brave!

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Blue Ridge Mountain H.T. at TIEC: [Website][Entries] [Ride Times]

CDCTA Fall H.T.: [Website] [Entries]

Flora Lea Fall H.T.: [Website] [Entries]

Flying Cross Farm H.T.: [Website] [Entries]

GMHA Summer H.T.: [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times]

Ocala Summer H.T.: [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times]

Otter Creek Fall H.T.: [Website] [Entries]

The Event at Skyline: [Website] [Entries]

Stone Gate Farm H.T.: [Website] [Entries]

News From Around the Globe:

Deonte Sewell just landed a job at Phillip Dutton’s barn, and he’s ready to show the world just how far he can go. Just a few years ago, Deonte didn’t even know that black riders could be upper level eventers, until he saw Randy Ward competing at Fair Hill. After that, he decided to give his dreams of the Olympics in this sport free rein. His story is nothing short of inspiring. [Pursuing Greater Representation in Eventing]

Karen O’Connor, the legend, the myth, the woman. Thoughts and reflections on a storied career, how she got her start, the struggles of breaking into the elite group of competitors in the early ages of Eventing, and her regrets from a life heartily lived. [KOC: Reflections & Regrets of an Eventing Superstar]

With so many events cancelled this year, it’s nice to see that the Waredaca Three Day Event is still on the calendar. One of the last remaining long format competitions, they boast Preliminary, Training, and Novice three day events with all the old bells and whistles. Along with tons of education along the way, you’ll get to experience roads and tracks, and steeplechase, finally! Conditioning for this competition is different though, and you’ll need to plan accordingly if you want to go. [Training Tips for a Long Format Event]

Would you like to get your hands on Amerigo’s new safety stirrups? Our friends at World Equestrian Brands are giving a pair away FREE. The best part? They come in an array of colors, perfect for eventers. The raffle ends Friday, September 11th at midnight. [Fab Freebie: Win a Pair of Amerigo’s New Safety Stirrups]

In times like these, it’s good to know that there is certainty somewhere. You’ll never have to worry about protecting your horse with Taylor Harris Insurance Services on your side. They take care of many of the top level event horses you see galloping around cross country, and they know exactly how to soothe your fears when it comes to protecting your best friend. [Request a Quote]


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