Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

The snow! Photo by Kim Schmidt.

It finally snowed for the first time in my neck of the woods yesterday, and it accumulated for a few hours before melting and turning weirdly sunny, which just about sums up Virginia weather, to be honest. I really don’t mind the actual snow part, because it’s usually warmer and easier to deal with than rain, but what I don’t like is afterwards when you’re left with a pile of mud. Let’s be real here: the worst part about winter isn’t the cold, it’s the MUD. I could live without it.

National Holiday: National Gazpacho Day

News From Around the Globe:

We are saddened to learn of former USEA President Kyra King Stuart’s sudden passing yesterday. Kyra served the sport in many roles, including as USEA President from 2005-2007, and will be remembered for her passion and many contributions to eventing. [USEA: Kyra King Stuart (1939-2018)]

The coming of a new year brings … new USEF regulations! From being allowed to wear brown helmets in dressage (didn’t know that was illegal in the first place?) to permitting hoof wraps for barefoot horses, and of course SafeSport requirements, you’d best use December to brush up on what you’ll need to compete next year. [2019 USEF Rule Changes]

Speaking of SafeSport, if you haven’t already completed your training, now is the time. You must complete this training session in order to compete as a USEF member next year, or even be an owner of a horse, so grab a snack, maybe a hot chocolate, and settle in. [USEF Safe Sport Instructions]

Eventers are the Macguyvers of the equestrian world, and we’re not afraid to admit it. From hoarding baling twine for future crafting projects to creating cross country jumps out of anything and everything, we have an #EventerSolution for literally everything. Enjoy this week’s collection of ridiculousness. [Baling Twine Hoarders Unite!]

Equestrians don’t agree on much, but the one thing we can all concur upon is this: Horses are downright geniuses when it comes to random injuries. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable and helpful equine insurance partner on your side. Expect the unexpected, and protect your horse with Taylor Harris Insurance Services. Get a free quote today! [THIS Free Quote]