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Sir. What is going on here. How did this happen.

Yesterday I got on my young horse, and after three days off because of full snow coverage, I knew within approximately 10 seconds that I had to get off and go get the lunge line. I thought maybe I would survive just to ride him to the arena (it’s far away from the barn and I’m lazy) but nope. It was not meant to be. So, we lunged and roped over some little jumps and fillers, and called it a day. I’m not tryna start out my 2019 by being launched into the air, okay? Sometimes you just gotta go back to the basics.

National Holiday: National Hot Buttered Rum Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Grand Oaks H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

News From Around the Globe:

Double WEG silver medalist Padraig McCarthy is teaching a clinic on Jan. 22-23 at Paradise Farm in Aiken, South Carolina. Tuesday is show jumping day, and Wednesday is cross country day. There are two spots left for the two-day clinic: one Preliminary and one Intermediate. There is also one Intermediate cross country spot available. The cost is $475 for both days. Contact Jane McDonald to book one of the final slots.

Looking for a European adventure combined with some inspirational equestrian education? Time to go check out the annual International Eventing Forum, held on February 4th this year at Hartpury Equine in the UK. The theme this year is “Better — Not More Education”. With five of the best trainers and riders in the world, all on the schedule to share their knowledge for a full day of top quality education, entertainment, and inspiration. [Attend the International Eventing Forum]

Retired Racehorse Project founder Steuart Pittman received the EQUUS Foundation Humanitarian Award this week. The EQUUS Foundation and the United States Equestrian Federation established the Humanitarian Award in 2009 to honor a member of the equestrian world who has devoted considerable personal time to making the quality of life of our equine partners paramount. Steuart recognized the value of Thoroughbred athletes, even as they seemed to slip out of fashion in some circles. Rather than bemoan that trend, he set about changing it. With a group of friends, he founded the Retired Racehorse Project (RRP) in 2010. [RRP Founder Honored with Humanitarian Award]

Wow. Honestly I’ve never read a more comprehensive “Best of 2018” article ever. Horse & Hound has compiled an extremely detailed and organized product compendium for the best in every category from last year. From riding clothes to rubber boots, horse blankets, boots, saddle pads and shampoo. This is the list. THE list. [Best in Test Products 2018]

Silva Martin is planning a comeback for herself and homebred mare, Rosa Cha W in just a few weeks. The mare suffered a freak bout of Potomac Horse Fever in 2017, resulting in founder in all four feet, and a year of stall rest and aggressive management by everyone involved for a miraculous recovery. Last year, Silva struggled with her second pregnancy with son Leo and an emergency C-section, but now in January they’re both planning on competing together again at the Grand Prix Level. [Ringside Chat with Silva Martin: Overcoming Adversity and Changing Priorities]

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