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Just my favorite person on her little OTTB popping some cross country at Surefire. Photo courtesy of Skyeler Icke Voss.

With the official advent of spring, I’m happy to say that I’m seeing the first signs of grass growth in Virginia, and near the rivers, the little trees are budding, and it makes me unreasonably happy! It’s still mostly brown, and it’s still cold at night, but the days are more reasonably warm, and despite the horrible time change where I suddenly have to get up so much earlier, I’m generally more optimistic about life. Yay end of winter!

National Holiday: National French Bread Day

Major Events This Week:

Carolina International CCI & HT: Carolina: WebsiteEntry StatusRide TimesLive ScoresEN’s CoverageLive StreamEN’s TwitterEN’s Instagram

U.S. Events This Week:

Stable View Spring Horse Trials [Final Scores]

MDHT March Starter Trial [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Poplar Place March Horse Trials [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Full Gallop March Schooling Show II [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Southern Arizona Eventing Association HT [Website] [Ride Times/Live Scores]

Your Thursday News & Notes:

For anybody who actually rides horses, we know that it’s more than 50% mental, and keeping your mindset under control is key. Whether you’re a top-level athlete or a happy hacker, having the right mindset while in the saddle is crucial, not only to ensure your horse or pony is going in the way you would like, but also for your own enjoyment and happiness. Two sport and performance psychology experts got together with Horse & Hound to create the top three exercises you can do to reach your peak performance. [Three Ways To Achieve Peak Performance]

New research into stem cells have shown a possibly superior treatment for horses with tendon injuries. Stem cell researchers at the Animal Health Trust (AHT) have found positive signs that stem cells originally sourced from embryos coped well in laboratory tests when exposed to inflammation. Stem cell treatment is currently used, however we usually harvest them from the individual horse, and growing them takes weeks. Embryonic stem cells can grow forever in a lab though, and can be available much more immediately. [New Stem Cell Research for Tendon Injuries]

Even though it’s spring, everyone still experiences the time crunches of life. Sometimes you wonder, I have barely any time today to ride my horse, is it even worth it? New studies are showing that yes, it is! Even a 25 minute workout can have significant health benefits for your horse. Especially if you have a pudgy pony or a horse that you’re trying to bring back into work, each low intensity ride builds and helps the long term goal of health and fitness. [Short Workouts are Worth It]

Did you know that Taylor Harris Insurance Services has eleven different fully customizable equine insurance policies? With so many options, you can mix and match for the perfect fit, and totally customize it to fit your horse, your lifestyle, and your budget. Our horses are so important to us, and it’s our duty to protect them. That starts with THIS Horse Insurance. [Find Coverage Through THIS]

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