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Penny Worsham’s Foxdale Celtic Charm enjoying the sunshine at OJC 3 Day. Photo by Kristin Schmolze.

Apparently this week is called an “Arctic Blast” by weather experts, and expected to break more than 300 temperature records across the country. Yesterday I did trot sets wearing my carhartt overalls, because while it’s probably the least fashionable ROOTD (don’t @ me Lainey), I was cozy and didn’t regret one thing. Bring it on, Arctic Blast.

National Holiday: National Pickle Day

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News From Around the Globe:

The talk of the town is the announcement that the USEF is prohibiting the use of Medroxyprogesterone acetate. Also known as Depo, this is a popular medication that is used for controlling hormones in mares, but has also been used for unapproved calming efforts in geldings. Due to a number of deaths from administration of this drug, the USEF has decided to ban it for good. [USEF Bans Depo]

Get to know Gemma Tattersall! She’s been a long time top competitor of British Eventing, but what is she like outside of her competition pants? Let’s just say she loves some Jimmy Choos. [9 Things You Didn’t Know About Gemma Tattersall]

Speaking of Gemma Tattersall, she wants to teach you about riding skinny corners and how to train them. As you go up the levels, corners are more and more prevalent on cross country, and the higher the level the more accuracy is required. Introducing them at an early point in your horse’s training will improve your ability to deal with them later. [Gemma Tattersall Explains Skinny Corner Training]

Good horsemanship transcends disciplines, as we all know well. A recent clinic with Stacia Madden at Rutledge Farm in Virginia proved just that, as she coached riders about the importance of accuracy but relaxation in the saddle, discipline with empathy, and creating exercises that help the riders learn and the horses understand. [Good Horsemanship with Stacia Madden]

Sponsor Spotlight: Nupafeed® USA’s biggest sale of the year starts this Friday, Nov. 15th and will continue through Sunday, Nov. 17. Nupafeed® Dog supplements are also included in this year’s sale!! [Nupafeed USA]

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