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He’s ALWAYS blinking. Photo by Kate Samuels.

I know that the world is in total upheaval at the moment, and there are more pressing concerns, but also it’s hardcore shedding season right now and I need thoughts and prayers. I let my retired horse grow a full coat this winter, and didn’t clip it at all, and lord help me, it’s like the never ending black hole of hair. I got blisters on my fingers from using the shedding blade so much every day, and I don’t think he looks even remotely less hairy.

National Holiday: National Spinach Day

News From Around the Globe:

How are boarding and lesson barns around the country handling COVID-19? It’s definitely a challenge, as more objects in a barn are shared than you might think, and keeping distance between riders as well as keeping hands gloved at all times is tough. Some barns have shut down, and others have come up with mandated practices. Riding is technically non-essential, but a lot of us would disagree with that definition. [To Ride or Not To Ride]

Able to ride, but out of ideas for training? With just four jumps you can make a wide variety of fun exercises, including my favorite, the circle of death. Make the most out of this time away from competition by getting in some extra ride-ability to the fences. [5 Easy Jumping Exercises]

Italy is having the worst time of it, and COTH blogger Jess Morton is reporting from the front lines. She’s been on full lockdown at home with her family for over two weeks now, and unfortunately her horses are boarded down the road, so she hasn’t seen them. There will be at least two more weeks of lockdown, and Italian police are paroling the streets to make sure that people stay inside, and riding is definitely not essential to them. [The View from Italy]

Daily dose of Madden education: