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Maybe in 2014???

Maybe in 2014???

Happy Thursday Eventing Nation! A week from today, a lot of you will be sitting in an exhausted, overfed heap of wrapping and leftovers, and loving every minute of it. Tonight, I’m throwing a holiday dinner party with literally the most seasonal menu ever: hot buttered rum, homemade venison stew (thanks Uncle Charles), fresh baked bread, and apple buttermilk custard pie with eggnog ice cream on top. The Christmas diet starts early around these parts.

News From Around The Globe:

Did you somehow miss this post from Horse Nation? Tiny ponies in ridiculous christmas costumes? Yeah, you’re going to want to click here. Did you want to see a mini in a santa suit with a chihuahua riding it? I thought so. [We Don’t Have Tack For That]

Hay steaming: what do you think? A new study looks at the effects of steaming hay to feed to horses, is it good or is it bad? In short, they found that it did not affect the nutrition of the hay, but it decreased mold concentrations by up to 99%, and decreased dust particles by 55% in medium mold hay, but not at all in low mold hay. Horses were shown to eat more of steamed hay, but only if it was originally deemed low mold content. [Hay Steaming Study]

While Charlotte DuJardin was busy breaking all the records possible, Laura Tomlinson had an emotional night retiring her Mistral Hojris at Olympia. Alf, as he’s known around the barn, has been a British team stalwart for years, and has many accomplishments to his name starting with the Olympics in 2008. The big chestnut gelding was even at WEG in Kentucky, where I was awed by his presence. Check out this video from H&H interviewing Laura about her love of the horse. [Mistral Hojris Retires]

Equine Canada will be looking for a new CEO over the holidays. Jean-Christophe Gandubert recently decided to leave his post after not yet a year on the job. No reason has been given for his departure, but Equine Canada thanked him for his work over the past months, and wishes him the best in his new endeavors. [CEO Equine Canada Quits] 

EN reader CJ Miller has saved you some last minute shopping panic with her list of twelve amazing things for horses and riders….at holiday discounts! Around this time of year, inspired by Oprah’s Twelve Favorite Things, a lot of stores are running huge discounts with the coupon code “12 days” and horse people are no different. Check out the list, it includes apparel, treats for horses, practical stuff for daily use, and the one item you can’t survive without. [My Favorite Things]




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