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Alison Wilaby's first Devoucoux product made: a business card holder! Photo from Alison's Facebook page. Alison Wilaby's first Devoucoux product made: a business card holder! Photo from Alison's Facebook page.

I’ve been following the adventures of Alison Wilaby as she ventured to France to go through training at Devoucoux to become a saddle sales rep. The photos she has posted made me green with envy as I see all of that rich, luxurious leather being crafted into some of the best saddles and tack ever made. I thought I’d share one of Alison’s photos from her trip, a snapshot of a handmade business card holder that she made during training. Can you sign me up for that job, please? And it comes with hands-on training in France? Done deal.

Events This Weekend:

Full Gallop Farm Feb. HT [Website] [Results]

Pine Top [Website] [Entry Status/Times]

Ocala Horse Properties Winter II HT [Website] [Ride Times]

News from Around the Globe:

Voting for the Equestrian Social Media Awards ends tomorrow! Eventing Nation has been nominated for two ESMA Awards, so please go vote for us in categories #14 and #15, Best Blog and Best Social Network. [ESMA Voting]

Area VII is accepting applications for the new Young Rider coach. The term will run from 2014-2016, and applicants must have obtained an ICP Level III certification. [Area VII Looking for a YR Coach]

Oregon State University recently opened a new veterinary teaching hospital. Features include a state of the art CT machine, advanced surgical technology, and an intensive care unit. This hospital will afford veterinary students the best opportunities for learning in an advanced environment. [Tour of OSU’s New Teaching Hospital]

Dressage superstar Charlotte Dujardin will be teaching her first U.S. Symposium in LA next month. Teaching with Judy Harvey, Charlotte will teach a two-day symposium at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. Tickets for this event are on sale now. [Dujardin to Teach US Symposium]

A Shetland Pony was awarded the top prize at Australia’s Royal Melbourne Horse Show. Otway View Eloise was competing for the first time in this competition and was awarded Best of Show honors. [Royal Melbourne Horse Show]

Best of the Blogs:

Check out Silva Martin’s dressage lesson with dressage legend Debbie McDonald.

Thursday Video Break:

Ever wanted to go behind the scenes of a Budweiser commercial?



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