Thursday Video: 360° Education & Training for Young Eventers

The Windrush Equestrian Foundation for young riders is the legacy of Christina Knudsen, a passionate British eventing rider. It was her dream to build up a training center where young riders learn what it needs to compete at a top-level in sports.

The Windrush story:

“In October 2015, Christina Knudsen found her dream equestrian property – Windrush. For several years she had been looking for the ideal property where she could finally settle with all her horses. After having been diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer in November 2015, she lost her battle in July the following year. Sadly, she wasn’t able to fulfil her own equestrian dreams, but, before passing away, Christina expressed her wish of making Windrush a foundation. More than anything, she wanted to give young, talented riders the opportunity to pursue their Eventing dreams.

“Thanks to the overwhelming support of a friend, Christina discovered this sport and had great ambitions for herself and for Eventing itself. This foundation is her way of carrying on those ambitions by providing much needed help and support to young eventers, helping them to sustainably fulfil their own dreams. Our aim is to honour Christina’s last wish and continue her legacy and passion for Eventing.”

Learn more about the Windrush Equestrian Foundation in the video above, and visit the website here.