Thursday Video: Breaking Down a Cross Country School with Jon Holling

If you haven’t caught up with Jon Holling’s new YouTube show, The Long and Short of It, you’re missing out. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gleaned when professional riders take the time to break down their technique and training philosophies. In the newest episode, Jon breaks down a recent cross country school with Pioneer Archibald, a 9 year old British Sport Horse gelding owned by Jon and Rita Dann who has competed through the Preliminary level.

Setting a training session up so that the horse can properly understand a question is a recipe for success. Jon starts off this video by walking viewers through how he broke down a corner combination for “Archie” to better understand, then moving on to a coffin question.

Another concept Jon addresses is “early season rust”, which no doubt many of our readers can understand. Patience and a quiet ride go a long way with these moments. “One of the best things you can do with schooling anything is repetition,” Jon explained, showing Archie’s progression through repeating a question at which he had a couple of greener moments.

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