Thursday Video: Catch Up on the Heels Down Diversity Panel

The hot topic of the moment within the equestrian world is diversity – why is it lacking? How can we make the sport more welcoming? Are we unintentionally contributing to structures that exclude certain groups of people? While there’s no simple answer to any of these questions, the first step in creating a considerably more equal industry — and, as such, an industry that can be taken more seriously in the mainstream — is open, educated discussion and debate.

That’s exactly what the Heels Down Media team provided when they hosted a Diversity in Horse Sports discussion panel, chaired by equestrians Abriana JohnsonBrianna NobleShaquilla Blake and Mavis Spencer. This cross-disciplinary group of women came together on a busy Zoom call replete with figures from across the industry to discuss what’s going on right now, what can be changed, and how the industry can be made a better place for everyone. It’s an enlightening, inspiring watch, and one we highly recommend if you’re feeling a bit flummoxed by the finer details of the movement.

As always, we welcome respectful, considerate conversation on the serious topics here on EN, so feel free to discuss the panel in the comments. Have you, or has an organisation you’re involved with, made changes to promote diversity in the wake of this conversation? Let us know, as always, down below.