Thursday Video from Ecovet: Buck Davidson Colorado Clinic Report

Buck Davidson isn’t just an asset to American eventing as a rider — he’s also a gifted instructor who makes it a priority to contribute to the continuing education of eventers around the country.

On February 23-24, Buck taught a clinic at Rabbit Mountain Equestrian in Longmont, Colorado, and Ryleigh Leavitt kindly shared this well narrated video from her jumping session. Ryleigh, a 20-year-old student at Colorado State University, rode MoonLight Crush (“Cruz”), a coming 12-year-old Dutch Warmblood/Oldenburg gelding she has produced through the CIC2* level.

Ryleigh explains, “He got injured in July last year and I have been treating him and rehabbing him since then. I was able to get one light jump school in before the clinic, so Cruz and I were both a bit rusty, but the clinic was a huge help to get our butts in gear for the season!

“The biggest take away I got from the clinic was that I needed to work on getting Cruz more in front of my leg and pushing him forward in order to get to a good distance instead of picking to a short distance from a bad canter. He also really emphasized that if I want to move up to Advanced this season that Cruz needs to be much more responsive to my aids, and I need to be working on getting him more responsive each ride!”

Ryleigh and Cruz look like they’ve got a great thing going and, with Buck’s valuable feedback, they’ll be well on their way to a successful move-up. Thanks, Ryleigh, for sharing your clinic experience with us!

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