Thursday Video from Ecovet: Watch Ride-Throughs of BN-Training USEF Eventing Dressage Tests

Seriously though, if they’re just going to use random letters … Illustration by Morgane Schmidt/The Idea of Order, courtesy of Horse Nation.

I’m a visual learner — you can talk at me until you’re blue in the face or write a novel on the subject, but until I’ve seen it with my own two eyes it’s going to go right over my head.

For instance: dressage tests. I need to watch a test be ridden for it to stick in my brain. ESPECIALLY at the lower levels … all those 15- and 20-meter circles just blurring together in my brain like clothes in the spin cycle.

Thankfully, Eventing Training Online has done us a massive in posting video demonstrations of the 2018 USEF dressage tests for Beginner Novice through Training horse trials, complete with movements and directives. Bonus: Click here for helpful test-riding tips from Marilyn Payne via her preview presentation at the 2017 USEA Convention.

Click on the test you’d like to watch for a link to the video. All videos are hosted on the USEA Vimeo site.

Training A | Training B | Training Three-Day

Novice A | Novice B  | Novice Three-Day

Beginner Novice A | Beginner Novice B

Go learn your test. Go Eventing!

[VIDEO: Beginner Novice, Novice, and Training Dressage Tests]

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