Thursday Video from FLAIR: A Badminton ‘Classic’

Looking back – Jonelle Price and Classic Moet's 2018 cross country performance

Two weeks today would ordinarily have been the day of the world famous Badminton Horse Trials cross country phase – a huge favourite with our followers. Watch the 2018 winning combination of New Zealand's Jonelle Price and Trisha Rickards’ Classic Moet, known as 'the fastest girls in the world' at the time, as they put their all in to this fantastic cross country round. If 2018 is a year you would like to re-watch in full again, make sure you head to our #BestofBadminton highlights archive voting page: (*Voting now closed*)

Posted by Badminton Horse Trials on Friday, April 24, 2020

We’re two years removed from Jonelle Price’s epic win at the 2018 Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials aboard the full-of-run Classic Moet. And what a ride this was!

Jonelle and “Molly” have one of those classic partnerships, one of those where the levels of trust and understanding are simply unmatched. And on a tough Badminton course (as if there is ever anything but), this duo came home just one second over the optimum and would go on to jump clear on Sunday to take the big W.

While we’re sad to miss out on the 2020 running of Badminton Horse Trials, we’re also excited that the organizers have put their heads together and will be re-airing broadcasts from previous years. After soliciting a fan vote, the short list of Badminton events has been created and will now go to a panel of celebrity judges who will decide on the airing schedule. Click here to see what years made the short list.