Thursday Video from FLAIR: Ride Around the Keysoe CCI2*S with Andrew Hoy

Australia’s Andrew Hoy will typically don his helmet cam on cross country and we’re always pleased to share them as both entertainment and education. Andrew’s latest camera video comes from this past weekend at Keysoe International in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, where the 9 year old Brigant made his international debut. The Selle Francais gelding owned by Andrew’s longtime friend and supporter Linda Mars finished in the top 30 of the CCI2*S division, and Andrew wrote on his social media that he was “delighted” at the young horse’s progress.

“Linda Mars’ Brigant has had a challenging ‘Corona year’ and this was his first Eventing run of the 2020 season,” Andrew wrote. “So you can see him being as little ‘green’ at times but still mastering all questions asked so well.”

Nurturing a young horse as they progress through their careers is always a process that requires time and patience. This unusual year has, of course, added even more time to most riders’ schedules, and many horses are coming out of their lockdown time better for the extra polish. Andrew knows this young one quite well, having joined up with him in 2017 and produced him through the levels patiently.

Andrew says the tall gelding needed some time to mature into his body, so the extra time never hurt anyone in this instance. And that growing maturity is evident on this track; Brigant takes in Angus Smales’ questions with poise and his keen expression is apparent even from our viewpoint. Andrew says he gained some confidence and experience along the way, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye on this one as he continues to mature.

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