Thursday Video from FLAIR: Tokyo Olympics Explain Equestrian Sport

I love how, with each Olympic Games, new amateur experts on all the various sports emerge. Like Leslie Jones, or my husband who watches 45 minutes of curling on NBC and can suddenly mansplain the complex nuances of this winter sport involving, from what I can tell, ice, a rock and a broom. (And yet, I can’t remember the last time he offered to sweep around the house. *Sigh*)

With each Olympic Games comes an opportunity to gain new fanhood for our sport — but first, we have to convey to them what the heck is going on. Hence the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games “One Minute, One Sport” series of videos, which explain each sport in the span of 60 seconds AKA the average global attention span.

Their bit for equestrian is above, or watch it in the native language here.

See more of Tokyo’s best attempt to explain eventing to the general populous here. Go Eventing!