Thursday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Watch + Listen with Doug Payne and Quantum Leap at Kentucky

Helmet cam videos are some of the most useful, in my opinion. It’s really interesting to watch a ride, no matter what level, from the rider’s point of view. We’ve lucked out that the newly-crowned USEF 5* National Champion, Doug Payne, put on his mic for this recap of his ride around Kentucky with Quantum Leap.

Doug narrates his helmet cam with transparency, describing how he tries to look out for Quantum, who was doing his third 5*, as he traveled around Derek di Grazia’s cross country track. In 2021, Quantum Leap debuted at this level and Doug noticed him going “a bit numb” and tired about midway through. This informed Doug’s fitness plans for this spring and also gave him a benchmark to monitor as he went out this year. You can also hear Doug talking about his selection of lines (spoiler: he picks the fastest one, nine times out of ten) and how important it is to truly know your horse as you set out on a course that asks riders to use their instincts rather than their math skills.

It’s a fascinating watch, so spare a few minutes and turn your sound up! You can follow Doug on YouTube for more videos and updates throughout the year.


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