Thursday Video from Nupafeed: Get Excited for Event Rider Masters

Sure, WE know the sport of eventing is an super-sexy, action-packed rollercoaster thrill ride of elegance, guts and glory. But how do we communicate it to the masses?

Enter the newly launched Event Rider Master Series, intended “to be packaged specifically for television, with sophisticated commentary, innovative camera techniques and informed by statistical analysis of the kind used by other televised sports — intended to welcome and entertain new audiences as well as those already engaged with the sport.”

Even if I didn’t know squat about eventing, if I saw these promos I’d be ready to jump on board:

Event Rider Masters Promo – Set Your Heart on Fire from Event Rider Masters on Vimeo.

In addition to drumming up public interest, ERM is an exciting deal for riders as well, boasting a hearty prize money fund of £350,000, which provides £50,000 for each of the six classes and a £50,000 prize fund for the leading riders at the end of the series.

The ERM is comprised of six legs, the first of which takes place at Chatsworth this weekend, May 14-15 — we’ll have a full story on that, and U.S. entry Clark Montgomery, tomorrow. The other five legs: Bramham, June 9-12; Barbury, July 7-10; Gatcombe Park, Aug. 5-7; Blair Castle, Aug. 25-28; and Blenheim, Sept. 8-11. A Masters Champion from among the 40 entries will be crowned at the conclusion of Blenheim. 

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Go Eventing.