Thursday Video from SmartPak: These Fox Hunting Toddlers Know No Fear

EN reader Marjean McIntyre recently pointed me toward “Kizzy & Etties Pony Adventures” on Facebook and Instagram and now I am obsessed. The pages chronicle the horsey adventures of two British toddlers: Kizzy, who just turned 5, and younger sister Ettie, age 2.

As the children of avid fox hunters, Kizzy and Ettie got an early start in the saddle. Er, the basket …

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Trawling through photos for other posts has brought up some absolute gems… Kizzys first show aged 18 months & her first ever rosette 🏵 she was so pleased with it she literally rolled around in the grass cuddling it giggling and squeaking!! This little pony was called Rex, he was an absolute little cracker and a SUPER jumping pony (he’d jump five bar gates for fun!!) but was unfortunately WAY too fizzy out hunting for a baby Kizzy, which was a shame because she absolutely adored him!! I hunted him in an attempt to settle him and had some super days, but it did feel a little like trying to ride an angry hornet 🐝 as he was very busy!!! 😆 He’s now a brilliant jumping pony for his new little rider and I love hearing his updates 🥰

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Then came learning “up downs” at 20 months …


Ettie at 20 months learning her ‘up downs!!’ #cutebaby #horseriding #pony #horserider #poniesofinstagram #equinesofinstagram #equestrian #equine #miniequestrian #tinyrider #babyrider #happybaby #smilingbaby #englishcountryside #winter #wrappedupwarm

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… a few cross country schools (Ettie has a stuffed toy fox in one hand as she navigates this water complex and I can’t even deal) …


Water splash, toy cuddly fox 🦊 in one hand, holding on tight with the other!! #xc #crosscountry #eventing #eventer #minieventer #littlerider #minirider #tinyjockey #cutebaby #cute #cuddlytoy #baby #cutepony #pony #poniesofinsta #horsesofinsta #equine #equestrian #miniequestrian #summer #summerfun #waterjump #sunshine #summerride #summerrides #fluffypony #fluffytoy

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… and here’s Kizzy flying solo …

… and then it’s off to the hunt!

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Literally could not have been prouder of my little girl today… it was her 5th birthday and her first ever Boxing Day Hunt riding to hounds, it’s a big day, an electric atmosphere, a lot of horses and huge cheering crowds… both ponies were fizzitizzitastic and up on their toes but behaved beautifully (although as you can see Cinderella was literally FLYING ALONG as soon as we hit grass!!) we trot through the castle grounds where we meet and then out and over a big stone bridge which takes you up the narrow village high street – the same village we got married in and where Kizzy goes to school – crowds line the route and the noise from the cheers as we went through was utterly unbelievable, it completely blew me away and I’ll admit to having tears in my eyes as the whole village cheered us through, and cheered for my darling little girl on her amazing pony, who she rode through all by herself… it’s going to take a lot to better today!!! What a way to spend your 5th birthday!!!!!

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Oh my!!!!!!! I have no words!!!!

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She’s merrily chatting away whilst Cinders subtly speeds up as she locks on to the horses in front jumping a rail and I quietly panic that I need to gently intercept the errant pair before they follow gaily on over!!! 😆 QUESTION: Has anyone used a chest mounted or wrist mounted go pro to ride with?! I’d LOVE one for filming Kizzy so that when the above problem happens (fairly regularly, as you can imagine!!) I don’t have to hastily shove my phone back into my pocket before regaining control of the tiny tykes… however if I’m just going to get lots of shots of Buttercups mane and muffled conversations about whether Cinders is secretly a unicorn then it may not be worth it… unless I strap a go pro to the tiny tykes?!?!? @gopro #gopro #mumlife

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The ultimate happy horse kid:

Go Kizzy and Ettie. Go Eventing!