Thursday Video from Zoetis: Literally the Best Proposal Video Ever Made

Screenshot via Vimeo. Screenshot via Vimeo.

Get out the tissues and hold on tight, EN — this one’s a doozy. Samantha Balogh is a part of the William Fox-Pitt team, having started in the 2015 season after a couple of years in Germany.

Samantha was in for the surprise of her life when a camera crew posing as members from Horse & Hound visited the yard under the pretense of doing a photo shoot. She wrote the following description on her Vimeo page:

“A ‘normal’ day at work turned into the most magical day of my life. AnnA, I love you the most. Thank you to everybody who brought this to life – a crew posing as Horse & Hound magazine had me genuinely fooled, thinking we were all prepping the stable and horses for a photoshoot. needless to say this was an extremely special experience and a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. I’m the luckiest pony-girl on earth!”

Ready? Get ready to watch the best idea ever come to fruition, and also feel free to have major yard-envy of the Fox-Pitt home base:

Many, many congratulations are in order for Samantha and Anna!