Thursday Video: How to Body Clip by SmartPak

Pretty sure Princess is plotting my death in this photo.

I hate body clipping. HATE. IT. Like, “I’m wearing two layers of clothing … how did one million tiny hairs still find their way into my bra?” Boggles the mind. But a couple times each year I have to suck it up and do the deed anyway, and last week the time was nigh.

Having good equipment helps. I’ve burned (literally) through a lot of clippers over the years and am most satisfied with my current model, the Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Clipper w/ T-84 Blade, which also happens to be featured in the video below! It’s relatively small and very lightweight compared to some of the hedge-trimmer calibur big guns I’ve used in the past, and so quiet that I can literally talk on the phone while I’m clipping. If only there was a 24-hour clipping support hotline I’d be set.

SmartPak, fortunately, offers some great resources, including this recently released body clipping tutorial featuring Megan, who grooms for Team SmartPak riders Chris and Jon McCrea. She demonstrates a clip and shares some tips and tricks along the way.

On the fence about clipping? Have questions about blankets? SmartPak has us covered with a virtual library of helpful guidelines and advice from pros — check it out here. And of course they’ve got a full selection of clippers and blades here.

Best of luck with your own body clipping journeys, EN. Go SmartPak. Go Eventing!