Thursday Video: Ride Around Aachen with Ingrid Klimke’s Up-And-Coming Superstar Siena

It’s not at all uncommon to see hatcam footage from Ingrid Klimke, who’s always been enormously generous with the educational tools at her disposal — but most of the time, that footage comes from rides with her recently retired top-level superstar, SAP Hale Bob OLD. This time, though, we’re getting to see rather a different ride around CHIO Aachen’s CCIO4*-S, because the horse she’s riding, Equistros Siena Just Do It, is much more inexperienced and still learning about navigating top-end technical courses. They didn’t have a perfect round — the exuberant ten-year-old mare picked up 40 jumping penalties out on course — but that makes it even more of an interesting, insightful watch, particularly when paired with SAP’s performance analysis data and running commentary from Ingrid herself. This’ll be one that’s worth bookmarking for a rewatch.