Thursday Video: Sam Griffiths’s Simple Exercises for Maximum Impact

I love a schooling exercise, and one of my favourite parts of being a magazine journalist was (and is, when I freelance!) getting to try out all the tips in the training features I penned for top riders. But some of them, admittedly, require quite a lot of legwork behind the scenes, whether that’s because you have to memorise twenty steps or because you have to spend an hour setting up a labour-intensive grid before you can even begin. Not so with these tips from Australian eventer and New Zealand team trainerĀ Sam Griffiths, who’s all about incorporating simple, straightforward exercises into your day-to-day. They’re hard to get wrong and easy to make use of, and over time, they have a huge positive effect. Tune in to this video from Horse & Rider magazine in the UK and try them out for yourself!

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