Thursday Video: The Jimmy Wofford Philosophy, In His Own Words

Earlier this afternoon, I received a text that left me reeling: it was the great Irish horseman William Micklem, who shared with me the incredibly sad news that Jimmy Wofford had died. I was never lucky enough to know Jimmy personally myself, but he certainly made an enormous impression on me: his firm belief that riding could be learned in an academic way gave me so much hope, as a kid with access to books but seldom to horses, and never to good training, that everything I dreamed of could still happen for me. I learned an enormous amount from his books, and his columns, and dreamed of one day, perhaps, getting the chance to ride with him myself. I can only imagine how those who knew and loved him must be feeling right now — but how lucky are we all to have his words of wisdom to continue taking comfort from and learning from?

It’s only right that this evening’s video should be an interview with the great man himself. Here’s the philosophy and educational foundation¬†of one of eventing’s finest, in his own words, and packed full of wit and wisdom as always. Rest in peace and knowledge, Jimmy.

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