Thursday Video: The Lexington ’78 Retrospective

Whenever I find footage of the (in)famous 1978 World Championships in Lexington, I always dive right in and then share it here – but even I had never seen this 45 minute retrospective of the eventing, which features some really interesting insights and commentary looking back at that landmark event. So much has changed in our sport – and at the now iconic venue! – since that event, and there’s so much to learn from going back into the annals of history, too. I, for one, am so heartened to see how safety has come on across the board, from helmets and body protectors to collapsible fences – and as someone who never got the chance to run in a true long-format event, I always find it really fascinating to see how horses are managed throughout them. Consider a ‘classic’ very much on my bucket list!

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