Best of 2021 Video Countdown: #6 – This Helmet Cam is Literally All of Us on XC

Each day between now and the New Year we’re counting down the top 20 most popular videos shared on EN in 2021. The #6 spot goes to this video, which garnered 2,838 views when it was originally posted on May 27, 2021.

“Sorry, I can’t ride right now.” “Slow down!” “I’m scared.” “Holy sh*t!” “You’re going too fast!” “Good boy!” “I’m tired!” “Don’t jump the Prelim!”

If these exclamations sound relatable, then you’ll want to tune in to ride around the Beginner Novice at Ohio’s Winona Horse Trials with first-time eventer Heather Terdan and her Thoroughbred gelding, Dermontti, who was registered to race but never actually made a start on the track. This pair has been partnered together for 10 years – Heather first got “Monty” when he was eight and they’ve done a bit of everything together. This video comes from Heather and Monty’s very first foray into recognized eventing!

“I got him when he was 8, so he is 18 now,” Heather told EN. “We’ve done everything together all the way from hunters, equitation and then jumpers for awhile. He was very successful in the jumpers and I wanted to try something different. He started out as a timid horse and throughout the years we have grown together and his confidence really shown through! I did a few mini trials last year so wanted to try a horse trial and my goal is to qualify for finals in Novice.”

Heather Terdan and Dermonnti. Photo by Photography In Stride.

“I was so proud of Monty at his first horse trial,” she continued. “I expected him to be nervous and he exceeded my expectations and was a machine out there on cross country! We have our second competition at May Daze this weekend and I can’t wait!”

Best of luck in your next event, Heather, and welcome to the dark side! Enjoy the ride:


Posted by Heather Terdan on Sunday, May 16, 2021