Thursday’s News and Notes


Good Morning Eventing Nation! It looks like a promising day, it’s sunny and warm at the headquarters, and as John is traveling and I’m temporarily in charge, the posts I’ve planned for the rest of today are looking like they could turn out alright. The problem with big news, like the kind over the past couple days in the race for US coach, is that it makes all the normal news seem pretty lackluster. But normalcy is more a part of life than the opposite, so here it goes: 

The Carrot is Missing. Remember that mysterious, funny, and often poignant blog we used to link to all the time? John mentioned yesterday that TC has been missing since October, and this Horsetalk blog has some theories of where they might be. Come back, Carrot! We are lost without you and your satirical sense of humor.
Canadian Eventing High Performance Committee comments on David O’Connor’s application [Press Release]
The AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners) has recently launched a “Good Works Campaign” The purpose of the campaign is to recognize veterinarians working off-the-clock as volunteers and using their expertise for the betterment of the equine population and community. The names of all twelve monthly recipients will be pooled together at the end of the year and one will be chosen for the Annual Good Works Award. [COTH]
The British insurer, Petplan Equine, issued a survey and found that “More than 90% of horse owners intend to keep their horse its entire lifetime.” As the survey notes, with England’s divorce average at 11.5 years, is it possible that horse owners are more committed to their horses than their partners? Sounds like a possibility to me. [EWW]
The Nunn Finer than Carolina Series is gearing up for its start at Paradise Farm, February 18-20. The series travels through Area II and III, and concludes with the Ark Horse Trials on May 7th. The winner of the series will receive prizes sponsored by Nunn Finer and Eventing Nation’s good friend John Nunn.
I’ll be back shortly with more excitement, so don’t go away!
Go Eventing.
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