Tip Tuesday Video from Horseware: Courtney Cooper on Purchasing a New Horse

“Our main goal is always to have happy clients and happy horses so that they go on to do great things,” Courtney Cooper says in the intro to part two of her horse sales video series. “And to that end, we’ll go to extra lengths…We try to be very honest and transparent and take pride in the matches that we make so that our horses and our riders become the testament to who we are.”

Buying a new horse can feel a lot like buying a used car in some instances. Ads aren’t always accurate, horses aren’t always what they’re represented to be…and sometimes, even if all the boxes are ticked on paper, you just don’t feel a “click” when you sit in the saddle. Sometimes, it can be hard to nail down what, exactly, you’re looking at and for when trying a horse. This is where this second video in Courtney’s series really comes in handy.

From body language cues as you’re walking the sales horse to the arena, to understanding that it’s perfectly acceptable to ask to see other horses, to takeaways from each ride, Courtney talks in detail about how the trying process works and what buyers should be aware of. We’ll be back next week with the third and final part of this educational series from Courtney and C Square Farm.