Tipperary Snap the Dash Winner

Congratulations Brynne  Naughton! Eventing Nation readers picked your snap as the clear winner of the Tipperary Snap the Dash Contest, with this dynamic shot of Daniel Clasing and Houston launching out of the water and over the corner in the Head of the Lake, complete with terrific (and in focus!) expressions on the faces of both horse and rider.

Enjoy your  Tipperary Eventer Pro 3015! Learn more about how comfy it is in EN reviewer Colleen Peachey’s post.

The Tipperary Eventer Pro

The Tipperary Eventer Pro

Thanks for snapping and for voting!

And a big thanks to Tipperary for giving this year’s Rolex riders a chance to Dash for Cash, giving Brynne this great vest and for protecting and supporting Eventing Nation year-round.

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