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Andreas Dibowski and Butts Leon at the Badminton Jog. I got to know Butts a bit while he was with Nina Ligon, and I think he's a really cool guy. Photo by Jenni Autry.

The past two weeks have felt like a whirlwind of eventing news.  This weekend, I am enjoying fun with family and friends, as I happen to have a Cinco de Mayo birthday.  The festivities begin with a good ol’ fashion redneck hootinanny.  Of course, I am not really sure what exactly a hootinanny entails, but my husband assures me that it’s what they call a party around here.  I must send out good luck to Samantha Hay and Manny Diemer, who are down strutting their stuff at the Heart of the Carolinas Three Day.

Badminton Links:

[Website] [Ride Times] [Dressage Results]

[Watch Live @ FEI TV]

Events This Weekend: 

Heart of the Carolinas 3-day Event: [Website] [Entry Status][Live Scores}

Weatherford and Greenwood Farm CIC2*, CIC1*, HT: [Website] [Live Scores]

Penny Oaks HT: [Website] [Entry Status]

Riga Meadow CT: [Website]

MCTA HT: [Website] [Entry Status][Live Scores}

Poplar Place May HT: [Website][Live Scores]


OTTBs made CNN news

Bright Horse Communications and Athletux form partnership

Hilary Moore Hebert: Battle Scars

Video of Badminton 2013 Trot Up

Badminton Grass Roots Report

Aussies lead Day One of Badminton

Zoo zebra passes on at age 37

Bill aims to put racing under US Anti-Doping Agency

Para-equestrian, Jo Pitt, passes away at age 34

First ICP Assessment of 2013 still has spots open

2010 Badminton winner, Inonothing, retired

Smartpak Item of the Day:  Equilibrium Massage Pad (I use my religiously, and my horses love it!!)

In Honor of the Heart of the Carolinas, since Badminton is getting all of the coverage….  Footage of last year’s T3Day winner, Bonnie Mosser riding Isbond:

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